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    Dr Simon Order
    M.Sc. PhD.

    Senior Lecturer

    About me

    Simon’s research specialises in two main areas. First, radio studies, which includes radio production, community media,  Australian community radio and radio public policy. Second, music technology studies, which includes user-interface usability, student creativity in sound production studies, music technology in teaching and learning.

    His professional background includes audio production roles in the U.K. television and music industry, radio station manager and professional photographer. Simon continues his professional practice as a composer and producer of electronic music.

    As former Academic Director of Media and Mass Communications for Murdoch University in Dubai, Simon developed the United Arab Emirates’ premier tertiary media education centre. Simon now teaches units in radio broadcasting, sound production and music technology.

    Outside of work, his interests include long distance running, endurance road cycling, science fiction film & TV, vampires and music composition.



    Teaching area

    Simon now teaches units in radio broadcasting, sound production and music technology.

    Research areas

    Simon’s current research focuses on notions of value and evidence-based policy making for community radio in Western Australia

    Current projects

    My current work focuses on the development and application of a theoretical framework of value for community radio in Western Australia. That framework is contingent upon the type station and offers the sector one way of classifying areas of value that have previously been unclear. The theoretical framework of value may be of use to stakeholders in community radio, academics and potential funding bodies.

    I am also investigating the use of tablet-based interface devices (iPads, tablets) as music technology compositional tools. The notions of portability, gestural/synesthetic interfaces and creative ”flow” are central to this investigation. Can these aspects of tablet devices add value to the compositional process and can they aid in developing pedagogic approaches to music technology at a tertiary level?


    Events and speaking engagements

    • Order, Simon. 2015. “Remix: Lighting the Creative Fire”, Presented at the Popular Culture Association of Australia and New Zealand Conference. 29th June – 1st July, Massey University, Wellington, New Zealand.
    • Order, Simon. 2015. “Building a Purposeful Identity in the Older Adult Volunteer Space: A Case Study of Community Radio Station 6RPH” . Presented at the research forum of the Community Broadcasting Association of Australia conference, 14-16th November, Terrigal, New South Wales.
    • Order, Simon. 2015. “Active Aging in Community Radio “. Presented at the Australia and New Zealand Communications Association conference. 8-10 July, Queenstown, New Zealand
    • Order, Simon. 2015. “ICreate: Preliminary usability testing of apps for the music technology classroom”. Presented at the Teaching and Learning Forum 2015, The University of Western Australia. 29-30 January 2015. Teaching and Learning Uncapped. Perth. Western Australia.
    • Order, Simon. 2014. “Mobile Music Production: Creativity in a Dichotomous Interface Paradigm”. Presented at the Australia and New Zealand Communications Association conference. 9th July, Melbourne.
    • Order, Simon., and Brian Daya. 2014 (15 May) Community Radio and the Commission of Audit: Radio Interview. Edited by Brian Daya. Radio Fremantle
    • Order, Simon., and Hui Lin. Tan. 2014 (11th March). Community Radio and Value:  Radio Interview. edited by Hui Lin Tan. 6EBA Radio Station Perth
    • Order, Simon. 2013. “Volunteering for Thy Self: Narcissistic Participation in Western Australia’s Community Radio Sector”. Presented at the European Communication Research and Education Association (Radio Section) conference. 12th September, London.
    • Order, Simon. 2013. “Community radio in Western Australia: notions of value.” Presented at the Australia and New Zealand Communications Association conference. 4th July, Fremantle.
    • Order, Simon. 2011. “Community radio and the notion of value: a divergent and contested theoretical terrain.” Presented at Cultural Studies Association of Australia conference. November 24th, Adelaide.
    • Order, Simon. 2011 “Teaching Media in Murdoch Dubai: Community values impact critical thinking?” Presented at Faculty of Arts, Education and Creative Media, Teaching and Learning Showcase, Murdoch University. 18th November, Perth.
    • Order, Simon. 2011. “Community Radio in Western Australia: An Evaluative Model”. Presented at Murdoch and Curtin University Arts Symposium, Fremantle Arts Centre. 17th June. Fremantle.
    • Order, Simon. 2010. “Community Radio: A Framework of Value”. Presented at Murdoch School of Media, Communication and Culture, Brown Bag Seminar, Murdoch University. 1st June. Perth.
    • Order, Simon. 2009. (Curator) “Inaugural MUISCD Digital Media Exhibition”. Presented at Murdoch University, International Study Centre, Dubai. 16th May, Dubai.
    • ·Order, Simon. 2009. “Digital Media Seminar on Multimedia Blogging”. Seminar convenor, Presented at EMDI, Knowledge Village, Dubai, 20th May, Dubai.·



    Professional and community service

    • Radio Awards Judge – Community Broadcasting Association of Australia 2015 and 2016
    • SBS Chill Top 10 Chart Entry 26th January 2016

    Our very own Liminal Drifter (otherwise known as Murdoch Uni lecturer and Academic Chair of Radio and Sound, Simon Order) has hit new heights, snagging the number 10 spot with his track ‘Soothed by Summer’ on the SBS Chillest 100 list! Liminal joins the ranks of music giants Massive Attack, Moby, and Portishead on the SBS Chill list as voted by the public. Check out the full list here: #ArtsMurdoch#sbschill#top10

    • Order, S. 2015. “Community Radio: The Joy of Social Connection” – The Community Broadcasting Foundation; fund-raising research consultancy

    For the last three years Murdoch sound students have had the opportunity to collaborate with music label Hidden Shoal Recordings. MCC268 Music Technology offers students the chance to remix selected music artists on the music label Hidden Shoal Recordings with the possibility of releasing their remixes on the label. This work integrated learning approach has been successful and engenders on-going engagement with the music industry for both students and the University. It’s a good news story for all concerned.

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    Doctoral and masters supervisions

    Current Doctoral Supervisions:

    Adrian Glamorgan – The Nuclear Threat, Peace Journalism and Community Radio

    Kylie Sturgess – Effective Podcasting within Education

    Dr. Simon Order welcomes students who are interested in honours, masters or PhD study in the areas of radio, music technology or sound production.



    • Order, Simon.”Almost 100 Years of Women in Radio: Where Are We Now?”. In: Radio’s Second Century Past Present and Future Perspectives, edited by John Allen Hendricks, New Brunswick, New Jersey: Rutgers University Press. ISBN 9780813598468. Available here:
    • Order, Simon. (2017), ‘All the lonely people, where do they all belong: Community radio and social connection’, Radio Journal – International Studies in Broadcast & Audio Media, 15:2, pp. 243–58, doi: 10.1386/rajo.15.2.243_1
    • Order, Simon. 2015,  ‘ICreate’: Preliminary usability testing of apps for the music technology classroom, Journal of University Teaching & Learning Practice, 12 (4) . Available at:
    • Order,Simon. 2018, “Radio and Gender Equity”. Presented at the Gender and the Everyday Conference: Murdoch University, Western Australia, 29th September 2018
    • Order, Simon., O’Mahony, Lauren. 2015, “Active Aging in Community Radio”, in D. Paterno, M. Bourk and D. Matheson (Eds), Refereed proceedings of the Australian and New Zealand Communication Association conference: Rethinking communication, space and identity, ISSN 1448-4331, available at:
    • Order, Simon. 2015. “ICreate’: Usability testing of apps for the music technology newbies”. Presented at the Teaching and Learning Forum 2015, The University of Western Australia. 29-30 January 2015. Teaching and Learning Uncapped. Perth. Western Australia.
    • Order, Simon. 2013. “Community Radio in Western Australia: Notions of Value.” in T. Lee, K. Trees and R. Desai (Eds), Refereed Proceedings of the Australian and New Zealand Communication Association conference:  Global Networks-Global Divides: Bridging New and Traditional Communication Challenges, ISSN 1448-4331, available at:



    • Order, Simon., and Elicia Petite 2016 (September 16) Liminal Drifter – Technology, Troubled Mystic, Hidden Shoal Anniversary Remix and Second LD album. “Artist Interviews”, Pirate 88 Radio
    • Order, Simon., and Brian Daya. 2014 (15 May) Community Radio and the Commission of Audit: Radio Interview. Edited by Brian Daya. Radio Fremantle



    • Connected - Liminal Drifter (studio album) released 29th May 2020. 8 track album. This album charts the experience of early fatherhood, an emotional sonic imprint, of moody and chilled dreamtronica. “Connected” acts as a musical salve and a celebration of important moments. Released on Hidden Shoal.    
    • The Dreams – Liminal Drifter’s (studio album) released 12th June 2018. 8 Track album. This new collection displays Simon Order’s ongoing mastery of melodic, transportive electronica. Befitting its title, The Dreams has a hypnotic feel, its pristine sonics rendered uncanny by subliminal details. The Dreams takes great care to offer up waves of lush dreamtronica.
    • Beach Fair released 8th May 2018 (single) Title track from upcoming album, The Dreams. Released on Hidden Shoal. Released on Hidden Shoal.
    • The Night Train Vacancies: Remixes and Reconstructions (10 track album) Released 28th August 2017 on Hidden Shoal featuring remixes of tracks by Australia-based ambient electronica artist Liminal DrifterOn The Night Train Vacancies, Liminal Drifter’s music is reinterpreted by artists such as Erik Nilsson, Matt McLean (of Lilt), Lvmark, p_Frisk, ddos, Warren Scott, Striphy, escue and Robwun.  The Night Train Vacancies sees the original tracks taking new journeys of their own, woven together into a remix album that flows beautifully as a whole – from restrained and expansive reworkings to spectral tension-and-release bangers.
    • Liminal Drifter – Troubled Mystic (10 track album) Released 19th August 2015 Troubled Mystic is the debut album by Australian electronic artist Liminal Drifter, featuring collaborations with English dream-pop artist Chloe March. Drawing on the seminal Warp releases of the ’90s, including Black Dog, Plaid and early Autechre, as well as more contemporary peers, Liminal Drifter evokes a spectrum of emotions across beautifully detailed electronic tapestries. Moving from downtempo dream-pop to shimmering, spacey electronica, this suite of songs works as if by osmosis, gently irradiating your subconscious. Connect with Liminal Drifter on links below:
    • The Bird Tribe – Pump Action Zen Funk- 1995- Control Records- Remastered & re-released 2012-12-05
    • The Bird Tribe – Larger Than Life – 1996- Control Records- Remastered & re-released 2012-12-05
    • Food Fight  – game sound design  for interactive educational children’s video game– Recorded work – digital sound – 2011
    • Decisive moment between sea and air – Visual art- photographic- 2011