Terri Trireksani  from Murdoch University in Perth Australia.

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    Dr Terri Trireksani
    DBA, MBA, MAcct, BCom

    Lecturer in Accounting; Honours Chair - Business Program

    About me

    Dr Terri Trireksani’s prior experience includes years of work in academia, public accounting and consulting for various public and private organisations in Indonesia, the US and Australia. Her research interests are in the areas of sustainability reporting, accounting education, strategic management accounting, and management and accounting issues in Indonesia and Australasia.

    Terri has a Doctor of Business Administration from Macquarie Graduate School of Management (MGSM), Sydney, a Master of Accountancy and a Master of Business Administration from the University of Montana, USA.

    Teaching area

    MBS539 Accounting for Managers (Master of Business Administration program)

    MBS544 Accounting Processes (Master of Professional Accounting program)

    BUS358 Internship Placement (Bachelor of Business in Accounting program)

    BUS285 Technology and Accounting Processes and

    BUS170/BUS163 Foundations of Accounting

    Research areas

    Sustainability reporting

    Accounting education

    Strategic management accounting

    Diversity management

    Management and accounting issues in Indonesia and Australasia

    Current projects

    Current research projects:

    • sustainability reporting in local government
    • work integrated learning in accounting
    • sustainability reporting in the Australasian region
    • issues in accounting education
    • management control in strategic alliances

    Awards and grants


    2018 School of Business and Governance for Excellence in Overall Teaching Outcomes-Semester 1

    2017 School of Business and Governance for Excellence in Overall Teaching Outcomes-Semester 1

    2013 National Office of Learning and Teaching Citation for an Outstanding Contribution to Student Learning

    2012 Murdoch University Vice-Chancellor’s Citation for Excellence in Enhancing Learning


    Research grants:

    • AFAANZ Research Grant scheme (2017). “Impacts of accounting students’ perceived career goals and expectations on their approaches to learning.’ (with Djajadikerta).
    • AFAANZ Research Grants (2015/2016). “An investigation of the barriers and motivational factors for Australian companies in offering work integrated learning (WIL) programs to international accounting students.” (with Djajadikerta).
    • SMG Research Seed Grant (2014). $3,500. “Sustainability paradigm, practice and reporting in the Australian health systems.” (with Holloway, Alam and Griffiths).
    • SMG Research Seed Grant (2013). $5,500. “Executive and employee perceptions of sustainability paradigm, practice and reporting in the Western Australia health systems.” (with Holloway and Alam).
    • CPA Australia Research Grant (2012). $12,190. “Sustainability Reporting in Australian Local Governments.” (with Mucciarone, Alam, Holloway, Griffiths, Kestel and Gardner).
    • Accounting and Finance Association of Australia and New Zealand Research Grant (2012). $4,500. “The Usefulness of Work Integrated Learning in Accounting Education.” (with Mucciarone, Alam and Holloway).

    Professional and community service

    Member of Murdoch University Learning & Teaching Award Committee

    Honours Program Chair – Business Program

    Murdoch University LEAD Academy – LEAD Fellow

    Coordinator of the School of Management and Governance Working Paper Series

    Member of the Committee on University Entrance, Murdoch University (past)

    Deputy Academic Chair, School of Management and Governance (past)

    Doctoral and masters supervisions

    PhD candidatures currently under supervision:

    Tio Novita Efriani: Internal control and Enterprise Risk Management

    Muhammad Arif: Local Government’s Financial Performance and Objectives

    Pat-Yan Cheung: Negative News and Earnings Management

    Kadek Trisna Dwiyanti: The Effect of Obedience Pressure, Internal Audit Function and Religiosity on Earnings Management Behaviour: An Experimental Approach

    Honours student:

    Poppy Nguyen: Sustainability Reporting

    Yun -Ting Zeng: Sustainability Reporting



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    • Trireksani, T., Djajadikerta, H., (2013),Executive Perceptions of CSR,In: SOCIALLY RESPONSIBLE AND SUSTAINABLE BUSINESS AROUND THE GLOBE: THE NEW AGE OF CORPORATESOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY, Common Ground Publishing, pages 70 to 79.


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