Tiffany Banner  from Murdoch University in Perth Australia.

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    Tiffany Banner
    BA, BEd (Special Needs), MEd

    Associate Lecturer

    About me

    I am a Unit Coordinator and Lecturer in the School of Education at Murdoch University in Perth, Western Australia. My areas of expertise include inclusive education, students with special educational needs, learning disabilities and professional learning. I have been actively involved in inclusive education research, development and practice for the past 15 years, through my studies and previous position as a consultant teacher with the Learning Disabilities Team for the School of Special Educational Needs: Disability.

    I have taught in the area of Inclusive Education for over 15 years in mainstream, educational support centres and langauge development centres. I have also been lecturing and teaching at both Murdoch and Curtin Universities since 2007. I am passionate about inclusive education and catering effectively for the diversity of students in classrooms.

    Teaching area

    Unit Coordinator and tutor for:

    • EDN334/1/2 Inclusive Education
    • EDN358 Creating and Managing Effiective Learning Environments
    • EDN332/1 Children, Families and Communities
    • EDN509 Inclusive Education: Contemporary Perpsectives and Practices

    Research areas

    Research Areas:

    • Inclusive Education
    • Learning Disabilities
    • Special Educational Needs
    • Classroom Management