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    Dr Tobias Ide
    PhD (Political Science), PhD (Geography), MA (Political Science)

    Senior Lecturer in Politics and International Relations

    About me

    My works broadly focuses on the intersections of environmental change and environmental politics with peace, conflict, and security. In my current research, I assess the impact of disasters on conflict dynamics, the security implications of climate change, and environmental peacebuilding processes.

    Further academic interests of me include climate politics, peace and conflict studies, international politics, security studies, and the critical geopolitics of education. I employ various quantitative and qualitative research methods, including qualitative comparative analysis (QCA) and field research.

    My teaching is guided by three principles: (1) introduce the core theoretical foundations of a field, (2) explore their usefulness in the context of real word developments and practical examples, and (3) utilise interactive methods to increase learning success.

    I hold an MA in Political Science (Leipzig, 2012), a PhD in Earth Sciences (Hamburg, 2015) and an advanced PhD (Habilitation) in Political Science (Braunschweig, 2019). Previously, I worked at the Georg Eckert Institute and the University of Melbourne, and held visiting positions at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and the American University in Washington DC.

    My research has attracted funding by various external bodies (see Awards and grants). I published in leading disciplinary and interdisciplinary journals, including Global Environmental Change, International Affairs, International Studies Review, Journal of Peace Research, Nature Climate Change, and World Development (see Publications). Furthermore, I am a director of the Environmental Peacebuilding Association (EnPAx) and have consulted several decision makers (see Professional and community service).

    Teaching area

    My main teaching areas at Murdoch University are:

    • Security studies
    • International politics
    • Environmental stress and climate change
    • Peace and conflict
    • International development
    • Research methods

    Research areas

    • Peace and conflict studies
    • International relations
    • Climate change
    • Global environmental politics
    • Security
    • Research methods
    • Disasters
    • Geopolitics of education

    Current projects

    • The impact of disasters on armed conflict dynamics
    • Social and political conflict tracking in the Pacific region
    • Environmental peacebuilding
    • Climate change and security
    • COVID-19, social conflicts, and violence against health workers
    • Qualitative comparative analysis (QCA) in International Relations

    Awards and grants

    • 2022: Award for Enhancing the Environmental Peacebuilding Knowledge Base
    • 2021: From Climate conflicts to environmental peacebuilding (German Research Council/DFG)
    • 2020: Pandemics and political conflicts (Albert Shimmins Fund)
    • 2020: Intersections of environmental and security politics (Dyason Fellowship)
    • 2019: The impact of disasters on armed conflicts (Australian Research Coucil)
    • 2019: Disaster vulnerability and political violence (Global Challenges Foundation)
    • 2018: Environmental peacebuilding (SDAW: Foundation German-American Academic Relations)
    • 2019: International terrorism discourses (Gerda Henkel Foundation)
    • 2018: Education and environmental peacebuilding (German-Israeli Cooperation in Water Technology Research Program)
    • 2016: Environmental peacemaking? An empirical investigation of the impact of environmental agreements on interstate reconciliation (DFG: German Research Council)
    • 2016: Environmental education in the MENA region (German Federal Foreign Office)
    • 2012: Climate change and conflict (DBU: German Federal Environmental Foundation)

    This is a selective list of my research grants and fellowship in the format “Start year of the project: project title (funder)”. Please contact me for a complete list of my grants.

    Events and speaking engagements

    I have been invited to present my research at numerous conferences, workshops, universities and institutions, including Akhmet Yassawi University Almaty, American University, Chung Ang University Seoul, German Development Institute Bonn (DIE),  German Institute for Global and Area Studies Hamburg (GIGA), Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Peace Research Institute Oslo (PRIO),  Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research (PIK), Toda Peace Institute in Tokyo, University of Frankfurt, University of Freiburg, University of Gießen, University of Hamburg, University of Melbourne, and the Wilson Center in Washington DC.

    I have also frequently organised panels and presented at major conferences in my field, such as the Annual Convention of the International Studies Association (ISA), the Australian Political Studies Association (APSA) Annual Conference, the Oceanic Conference of International Studies (OCIS), the International Environmental Peacebuilding Conference, the Congress of the German Political Science Association, the European Consortium for Political Research (ECPR) General Conference, and the Institute of Australian Geographers (IAG) Conference.

    Professional and community service

    • Director of the Environmental Peacebuilding Association (EnPAx)
    • Member of the University Research Committee at Murdoch University
    • Consultant for a number of decision making bodies, including USAID (2020), the Global Environmental Facility (2020), members of the German Parliament (2019, 2016), the Joint Research Centre of the European Commission (2019), the German Foreign Ministry (2019), and UNESCO (2016), among others
    • Responses to media inquiries from 12 countries (for examples of English-language media, see here, here and here)
    • Member of the scholarship selection committee of the Heinrich Böll Foundation
    • Member of three academic advisory boards
    • Organisation of various conference panels and workshops
    • Reviewer for 39 journals and eight organisations

    Doctoral and masters supervisions

    I am happy to take on new Honours, Masters or PhD students, particularly in these research areas:

    • Peace and conflict studies
    • Environmental and climate security
    • Environmental and climate politics
    • Disasters and natural hazards
    • Critical geopolitics
    • Security studies
    • International political economy

    Please write me an email in case you want to discuss a research project idea.


    You can check my Google Scholar profile here.

    Journal articles (peer reviewed):










    Edited books:

    • Ide, Tobias (ed.) (2017): Peace and Conflict Research. Leverkusen: Barbara Budrich, in German.
    • Christ, Tamina, Angelika Gellrich and Tobias Ide (eds.) (2012): Perspectives on the Climate Debate in Political Science, Sociology and Psychology. Marburg: Metropolis, in German.

    Chapters in edited books:


    • Ide, Tobias (2020): Renewable Resource Scarcity, Conflicts, and Migration. In: Krieger, Tim, Diana Panke and Michael Pregerning (eds.): Environment, Conflict, and Migration: Exploring Interdependencies. Bristol: Bristol University Press, 17-36.
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    • Scheffran, Jürgen, Tobias Ide and Janpeter Schilling (2015): Violent Climate or Climate of Violence? Concepts and Relations with Focus on Kenya and Sudan. In: Zimmerer, Jürgen (ed.): Climate Change and Genocide: Environmental Violence in the 21st Century. London: Routledge, 107-126.


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