Associate Professor Vicki Cope
PhD RN RM BA Dip.Ed. GDip (Nsg).MHSc(Nsg)

Associate Professor Nursing

About me

I am a general trained nurse and midwife with a background in teaching. I have previously been research nurse co-coordinator for a national blood pressure research study within Western Australia ANBP2), and was Manager Practice at the Nurses Board of Western Australia (NBWA) for five years. I have taught in nursing and midwifery at undergraduate and postgraduate level and my research interests include leadership, professionalism, law and ethics and the maintenance of professional standards in nursing and midwifery through continuing professional competence. I have published articles on  resilience in nursing, undergraduate leadership education, educational engagement with communities, educational advice from academics to students, management of generational diversity in nursing and the concept of care in telephone triage. I am a  Fellow of the Royal College of Nursing Australia (RCNA) and a member of Sigma Theta Tau International. My PhD  focused on resilience in nursing using the Portraiture methodology.

Teaching area

SHP 632

SHP 603

Research areas

My research interests include: qualitative research; resilience; leadership; professionalism; Portraiture and leadership and management.

Events and speaking engagements

Cancer Nurse Well being Educational Workshop November 29, 2017. Presentations x 2 titled:Resilience: All the small things, and Culture and Environment: the good leader

Cancer Nurses of Australia 20th Annual Conference. Invited Workshop presenter. Adelaide Convention Centre 15-17 June 2017. Full day Workshop presenter.Workshop entitled: Professional Career Skills for Cancer Nurses.

Doctoral and masters supervisions

PhD completion:

Cynthia Witney: Just a “Click” away from evidence-based online breast cancer information, advice and support provided by a specialist nurse: An ethnonetnographic study.

PhD supervision:

Melanie Murray: Linking patient safety to clinical practice – the insight of new graduate registered nurses.




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