Dr Vincenzo Cascioli
M: Tech (Chiro); PhD (Ergonomics)

ICL Clinic Director

About me

I started my position as Clinic Director at Murdoch University Chiropractic Clinic in August 2008 following a 12 year career in university based chiropractic education (University of Glamorgan, United Kingdom; University of Johannesburg, South Africa). Before relocating to sunny Australia, my previous roles and experiences have included: Lecturer, Senior Lecturer, Clinic Director, Acting Head of School, Private Practice, and Expert Witness work for the General Chiropractic Council (UK).

I hold a Masters degree in Chiropractic (South Africa) and  a PhD in the field of ergonomics (assessment of comfort and discomfort during sitting). I am registered chiropractor in Australia and the United Kingdom, and am a member of the Chiropractic and Osteopathic College of Australasia.

Research areas

Sitting, Comfort, Discomfort: Assessment of comfort and discomfort during prolonged sitting.

Collaborating Institutions:

  • University of South Wales, Clinical Technology & Diagnostics Research Unit, Wales, United Kingdom, CF37 1DL. + visit their website

Current projects

In progress:

Amorin-Woods L., Parkin-Smith G., Cascioli V., Kennedy D. An exploratory trial of a package of manual and manipulative therapy for spinal pain in a substance misuse rehabilitation therapeutic community. Australian New Zealand Clinical Trials Registration # ACTRN12611001100987.

Amorin-Woods L., Parkin-Smith G., Cascioli V., Kennedy D. A web based analytical survey study to determine the perceptions and attitudes of chiropractic Interns towards outreach and community service with a view to inform the future planning of meaningful outreach initiatives “The Chiropractic Interns; Attitudes towards Outreach (CIAO) Study”. ACTRN12611001100987).

Amorin-Woods L., Chapman P, Cascioli V., Intern perceptions of an Indigenous field placement and cultural awareness programme. Approval granted by Murdoch University Human Ethics Research Committee # 2011-241.


Awards and grants

  • Vice Chancellor’s Award for Excellence (Professional Services) 2014. Nominated.
  • Rotary Allied Health Excellence Awards 2014. “Excellence in Teaching and Mentoring”. Nominated.
  • WA Clinical Supervision Awards 2013. “Lifetime contribution to clinical supervision”: Finalist
  • Australasian Therapeutic Communities Association (ATCA) Awards 2012. “Significant Contribution to the Therapeutic Community Movement in Australasia: Program, Service or Intervention”. The Palmerston-Murdoch Pilot Project: Awarded
  • Western Australian Alcohol and other Drug Excellence Awards, 2012. ‘Recognising outstanding alcohol and other drug practice’. The Palmerston-Murdoch Pilot Project: Nominated
  • Chiropractic Associated of Australia, Presidential Certificate of Appreciation 2012. “For services rendered to lead student learning in the care of the less advantaged”: Awarded.



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  • WA Health Department AOD conference “Making it Happen: Improving
    Services through Collaboration”
    . August 6-8 2012, Perth Western
    Australia.  Amorin-Woods L., Parkin-Smith G., Cascioli V., Kennedy D. An exploratory (pilot) non-randomised controlled trial examining chiropractic care within a therapeutic community in terms of student and patient oriented outcomes.” The Palmerston-Murdoch Pilot Project; P-MPP”. ACTRN12611001100987.
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