Volker W. Framenau  from Murdoch University in Perth Australia.

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    Dr Volker W. Framenau
    BEng, MSc, PhD

    Research Fellow

    About me

    Senior Research Fellow | Harry Butler Institute, Murdoch University | 2018–current

    Director & Principal Zoologist | Phoenix Environmental Sciences | 2011–2018: Project management of zoological surveys in Western Australia; marketing, business development; establishment and maintenance of client relationships; networking; proposal development; technical and editorial quality assurance/control; invertebrate (terrestrial & subterranean) research

    Adjunct Research Associate | University of Hamburg (Germany) | 2017–current: Support of research program of the Centre of Natural History (CeNak), University of Hamburg, by establishing research partnerships in Australia

    Adjunct Research Associate| Western Australian Museum| 2011–current: Maintenance and development of research collaborations with the Department of Terrestrial Zoology; support of collection development

    Curator, Short-range Endemic Invertebrates | Western Australian Museum | 2009–2011: Inaugural Curator of Short-range Endemic Invertebrates; development and maintenance of relationships with mining and other industry as end users of taxonomic services of the WAM; research; collection development

    Research Officer, Pilbara Subterranean Fauna | Western Australian Museum| 2008–2009: Research on Pilbara subterranean invertebrate fauna; support of end-users of taxonomic research; scientific publications; collection development

    Adjunct Lecturer | University of Western Australia | 2007–2018: Selected research on terrestrial invertebrates; postgraduate and undergraduate student supervision

    Research Fellow, Arachnology | Western Australian Museum | 2005–2008: Research on Australian Orb-weaving Spiders (Araneidae, Araneinae); collection development

    Research Fellow, Arachnology | Western Australian Museum | 2002–2005: Research on Australian Wolf Spiders (Lycosidae); collection development

    Honorary Research Fellow | University of Melbourne | 2002–2005: Maintenance and development of research collaborations, in particular invertebrates

    Research Assistant | Philipps-University Marburg (Germany) | 1995–1996: Research on terrestrial and aquatic invertebrates as part of the project ‘Ecology and Conservation of Alpine Rivers’, funded by the German Ministry of Science and Education

    Maintenance Engineer | Cyanid Plant, BASF AG Ludwigshafen (Germany) | 1988–1989:  Planning and implementation of a heat exchange system to use hot process gas for the production of steam; planning and implementation of a secondary cooling water system to improve thermal and chemical pollution of Rhine River cooling water; general maintenance and repairs

    Research areas

    • Systematics, taxonomy and conservation of terrestrial and subterranean invertebrates, particularly arachnids
    • Improving delivery methods of taxonomic information for the end-user
    • Ecology and conservation of salt lake terrestrial invertebrates
    • The use of Invertebrates as ecological indicators, specifically in long-term monitoring studies (e.g. rehabilitation)

    Current projects

    • Molecular and morphological identification of terrestrial invertebrates to support biosecurity and quarantine surveys on Barrow Island, Western Australia
    • Systematics and taxonomy of Australian wolf spiders (Lycosidae), orb-weaving spiders (Araneidae) and mouse spiders (Actinopodidae)
    • Ecology and conservation of terrestrial salt lake invertebrates

    Awards and grants

    Australian Biological Resources Study| 2018 | BushBlitz Tactical Grant Scheme: Taxonomy of a new genus of Australian wolf spiders in the subfamily Artoriinae (Lycosidae) (A$ 15,000) (PI)

    Australian Biological Resources Study| 2017 | BushBlitz Tactical Grant Scheme: Taxonomy of NSW and ACT Artoria wolf spiders (Lycosidae) (CI B.C. Baehr) (A$ 15,000) (JI)

    Whitley Commendation, Royal Society of New South Wales| 2015 | Best Field Guide: A Guide to the Spiders of Australia” (V.W. Framenau, B.C. Baehr, P. Zborowski)

    Australian Biological Resources Study| 2011 |Bush Blitz Postdoctoral Fellowship: Taxonomy and Systematics of Australian Wolf Spiders in the family Lycosinae (A$270,000) (sole PI; rejected due to career change)

    AgResearch New Zealand | 2008–2009 |Research Grant: Enabling Real-Time Remote Diagnostics for Biosecurity Applications (in collaboration with David Teulon, Cor Vink et. al.) (NZ$105,000) (JI)

    Australian Biological Resources Study | 2005–2008 | Postdoctoral Research Grant: Taxonomy and Systematics of Australian Orb-weaving Spiders (A$171,000) (PI, in collaboration with Nicolaj Scharff, University of Copenhagen).

    Australian Biological Resources Study | 2002–2005 | Research Project Grant: Taxonomy and Systematics of Australian Wolf Spiders (A$150,000) (CI’s Mark Harvey, Western Australian Museum; Andrew Austin, University of Adelaide) (PI).

    University of Melbourne | 1996–1999 | Overseas Postgraduate Research Scholarship (A$48,000).

    University of Melbourne | 1996–1999 | Melbourne University Research Scholarship (A$48,000).

    Donors Association for the Promotion of Science and Humanities in Germany (Stifterverband für die Deutsche Wissenschaft) |1999 |  Research Infrastructure Grant (A$3,000).

    River Basin Management Society |1998 | Ernest Jackson Memorial Research Grant (A$700).

    Ecological Society of Australia,|1997 | Student Travel Award (A$800).

    Department of Zoology, University of Melbourne | 1997 | F.H. Drummond Travel Award (A$1,000).

    University of Melbourne |1997 | School of Graduate Studies Travelling Scholarship (A$1,000).

    Doctoral and masters supervisions

    Supervision prior to Murdoch

    Peter Langlands, Ph.D. 2005–2010 | University of Western Australia
    Thesis: Conservation of Spiders (Araneae) in the Western Australian Rangelands, with particular Reference to Disturbance by Fire; co-supervision with B.Y. Main, R. Black and K.E.C Brennan (Department of Environment and Conservation, Western Australia).



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    Publications prior to Murdoch

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