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    Dr Yingchi Chu
    B.A. (Hons), PhD (Media)

    Senior Lecturer in Communication and Media Studies

    About me

    About me

    I am a media and film specialist with a focus on contemporary China. My current research projects include the Chinese media and the emergence of critical discourse in China.

    Before I joined Murdoch University, I worked at China’s Xinhua News Agency (Hong Kong Branch) as assistant researcher. To advance my career I moved to Australia, enrolling in Communication Studies and completing a B.A. Honours, before studying for a doctorate in media on an Australian Postgraduate Scholarship. Since the award of the PhD in 2001 I have taught at Murdoch University in Chinese Studies, Media and Film Studies. I am also a Fellow of the University’s Asia Research Centre.

    Teaching area

    Currently I coordinate and teach CMS100 Introduction to Communication, MCC248 Screen Texts (SCR348 Screen Text), and MCC337 Cultural and Media Policy at School of Arts.

    Since 2001, my teaching has focused on areas in Chinese studies and Media studies. I have designed more than ten new units including Asian Cinema, Global Chinese Cultures, Introduction to Communication, and, with my colleagues, Media in Asia, and Australia in Asia.

    The units I have taught include

    • School of Media, Communication and Culture

    H350 Issues in Screen Analysis: Third Cinema; H232 Screen Texts; H160 Introduction to Screen Studies; MED 333 Documentary; MED 287 Media in Asia; MSC 334/534 Mass Communication II; MCC 219 Television and Video Culture

    • Asian Studies

    AST 216 Asian Cinema; CHN140 Introduction to Contemporary China; CHN203 Global Chinese Cultures; CHN278 China in the New World Order; CHN343 Semester in Asia; CHN 451 Asian Language Project (China) 

    • Murdoch Business School

    BUS241/MBS541 Contemporary China; BUS102 Introductory Chinese; BUS233 Conversational Chinese; BUS346 Writing and Translating Chinese; BUS347 Semester in China; and FDN110 Australia in Asia

    Research areas

    My field of research is the Chinese media, with specialisations in Chinese Film and Media Discourse. My first book, Hong Kong Cinema: Coloniser, Motherland and Self (London: Routledge 2003) explores the complexity of the concept of ‘national cinema’. My second book, Chinese Documentaries: From Dogma to Polyphony, (London: Routledge 2007) is the first comprehensive book on Chinese documentaries in English. Both books were reprinted in 2009. My more recent research addresses the ‘emergence of critical discourse in China’ and the use of ‘soft power’ by China to gain greater acceptance in the West.

    Current projects

    I am pursuing the question of ‘cultural obstacles’ to political dialogue in China beyond the more obvious political constraints that currently impede the emergence of a fully functioning ‘public sphere’. Current projects include ‘Cross-cultural complexities in media production and consumption: China and the West’, ‘Impediments to and success of China’s soft-power campaign’, and ‘Political Cartoons in China’.

    Awards and grants

    I have been awarded a number of various research grants since 2003, at a total value of S45,000. In 2005 I received an ARC Discovery Grant of $75,088.

    I am a recipient for 2013 Vice Chancellor’s Citations for Excellence in Enhancing Learning Award.

    Professional and community service

    I have been a reviewer for a number of journals including The Journal of Asian Studies; International Journal of Cultural Policy; Asian Journal of Communication; Chinese Journal of Communication; Asian Studies Review, Asian Social Science and Continuum. I have also been assisting Routledge in London by reviewing book proposals. In 2005 I was appointed ‘an Expert of International Standing’ by the ARC (Australia Research Council) as assessor, a role I continue to play. I have also been a peer reviewer participating in the ERA exercise since 2009.

    In the Business School, I have been involved in a number of administrative roles, including Associate Dean (Academic), discipline convenor in Chinese Studies, Offshore Coordinator, as well as Offshore Auditor. In addition, I have contributed to professional relations with the Chinese communities and Australia Chinese Business Council.


    Doctoral and masters supervisions

    PhD – Michael Stein. Chinese War Films – Completed 2006

    PhD – Simmon Tan. Media & Ethnicity in Yunnan – in process

    PhD – Brett Elmer (with Dr Zhang Feng) Governing in the Post-9/11 World: Domestic Politics, International Relations and Chinese Government Policy Towards Uyghurs – in process)

    MA -  Kristen Tong. One-Child Policy in China – Completed in 2003

    MA –  Goh Yen Theng. Hong Kong Cinema – Completed in 2005




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    Conference papers (refereed)

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