Zhong-Tao Jiang  from Murdoch University in Perth Australia.

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    Dr Zhong-Tao Jiang
    B.Sc., M.Sc., Ph.D., Grad. Dip. Ed.

    Associate Professor

    Teaching area

    • General Physics
    • Principles of Physics
    • Classical and Statistical Thermodynamics
    • Electromagnetism
    • Modern Physics
    • Quantum Mechanics
    • Physics and Materials (Solid State Physics)
    • Advanced Topics in Physics and Nanotechnology: Experimental


    Research areas

    • Materials science and engineering, especially functional thin films (optical, dielectric, mechanical, thermal and biological composite materials)
    • Surface physics and technology
    • Nanostructured and nanosized material characterization using advanced spectroscopic and microscopic techniques including synchrotron radiation facilities
    • Computational simulation/modeling of functional composite materials: thermal, electronic, mechanical and optical properties

    Current projects

    1. Mixed 3-d/4-d/5-d metal oxides or nitrides for catalytic, mechanical, electronic, optical and biological applications
    2. Investigation of solar selective surface coatings: Cobalt-based mixed metal oxides (CoxMyOz with M = Cu, V, Zn, etc.) thin films
    3. Development of novel metal doped transparent conductive composite (Ti/Ag/Ga/GO-ITO)
    4. Development of novel metal doped nano-hydroxyapatites for biomedical applications
    5. Surface and bulk spectroscopic studies of nanosized and nanostructured materials: X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy, ultraviolet photoelectron spectroscopy, Auger photoelectron spectroscopy, in-situ X-ray diffraction, near edge X-ray absorption fine structure, neutral impact collision ion scattering spectroscopy,  Raman, UV-Vis and FITR
    6. Computational simulations, via supercomputer facilities, of the electronic, optical, thermodynamic and mechanical properties of nanosized and nanostructured materials
    7. Physics education: from senior high school to undergraduate

    Awards and grants

    • Australian Synchrotron Beamtime Applications (2011, 2012 and 2014)
    • ARC (Australian Research Council): Special Research Initiative for Synchrotron Science (Leading CI of Murdoch University; 2012; $30,000,000)
    • IRU (Innovative Research Universities, Australia)  – MRUN (Malaysia Research University Network, Malaysia) Collaborative Research Programs (Leading CI; 2015; $120,000)
    • ARC-LIEF: Equipment and Facility Grants, Australian Research Council (Leading CI of Murdoch University)
      • 2016; $850,000
      • 2017; $1,520,000
    • CPIC SEIT-Murdoch University Grazing incidence X-ray Diffraction Business Case (Leading proposer and stakeholder; 2018; $1,200,000)

    Doctoral and masters supervisions

    Miss Nurshahidah Ali: PhD with research project of “Synthesis and characterization of AAO-PHEMA for potential cell scaffolding applications” (2010-2013)

    Mr Amun Amri: PhD with research project of “Selectivity and durability studies of Co-CoOx nanocomposite solar selective absorber surface produced by dip-coating method” (2010-2013)

    Mr Ravi Brundavanam: PhD with research project of “Synthesis, Characterisation and Biological Evaluation of Nano Hydroxyapatite” (2010-2013)

    Mr Mohammad Mahbubur Rahman: PhD with research project of “Development of novel metal oxide thin films via sol-gel method for selective surface applications” (2013-2016)

    Mr Hantarto Widjaja: PhD with research project of “Investigation of the electronic structure of nanosized semiconductors using density functional theory” (2013-2016)

    Mr Ehsan Mohammadpour: PhD with research project of “Thermal stability and surface reactivity of metal nitride coating films” (2014-2017)

    Mr Khalil Irahim: PhD with research project of “Development of transition metal  oxynitride  thin film based coatings for renewable energy applications” (2014-2017)

    Mr Hatem Taha: PhD with research project of “New transparent conductive nano-composites for optoelectronic applications” (2014-2017)

    Mr Hussein Miran: PhD with research project of “Rare-earth oxide coatings: electronic properties and chemical reactivity” (2015-2018)

    Mrs Zainab Jaf: PhD with research project of “Development of 3-d metal doped Molybdenum nitride  thin film surfaces for catalytic applications” (2015-2018)

    Mr Oday Hameed Ahmed: PhD with research project of “Catalytic formation of halogenated pollutants” (2015-2019)

    Mr Nick Mondinos: PhD with research project of “Investigation on surface interactions of Boron Nitride derived composites with reactive gases” (2016-2019)

    Mr Ian Wilkins: Honours with research project of “Multilayer composite AZO / AGZO thin films for transparent conductive electrodes” (2015-2016)

    Mr Shyam Patel: Honours with research project of ” Structural and Mechanical Study of CeO2/TiO2 Mixed Metal Oxide Thin Films” (2017-2018)