Your guide to staff profile training and resources

Our new staff profile system is supported by a series of training options to allow you to quickly and easily find the most appropriate level for you.

Contact us for further information or to book a training session.

  • Group training sessions
    The group training session is broken into two modules: an introduction to the system including the key features and benefits, and a live demonstration working through the build of a webpage with a member of the group. This session is ideal if a number of you are keen to get your pages live as soon as possible.
  • One-2-one training session
    The one-2-one training sessions will guide you through the web page creation from start to finish. We'll sit alongside of you while you create and publish your web page.
  • Super user training sessions
    If you are a nominated super user by your Head of School we will provide the neccessary training for you to be able to create, maintain and publish multiple profiles.

Self service training materials

Downloadable training manual

A full step-by-step guide to creating, editing and publishing your profile page. This is the best option if you are unfamiliar with creating or publishing content online.

Download PDF

Five easy to follow training videos

We've created five videos to provide you with a quick overview of the key features and functionality of the new profile system. These are ideal for you if you need a quick refresher. Each video runs for a couple of minutes.

Ongoing support

We expect updates and enhancements to be made to the profile system on a fairly regular basis so the staff profile wiki is where we will provide you with information of new releases or issues that we are working through. We recommend visiting this page whenever you log-in to the system to check for the latest new and updates.

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Contact support

Contact Kevin in the Digital Media team for further help and support. Email or phone x1312.